Several popular ways to do Taobao guest

yesterday wrote an article on the children’s day, Baidu on the Taobao API again sweep, the sweep is violent, not to directly scan directly to most directly through the collection of Taobao API data call center, customer facing Taobao transformation, we stand where the long decide on what path to follow. To start, so now I will say about several popular Taobao customers.

: the first direct violence products, I believe many play Amoy friends all know what is violence products, what is the relationship between violence and the meaning of product, for example, slimming products, slimming products, etc., in the Taobao customer, the general Commission is 50%, a direct result of the violent market now, Baidu bidding the Google keyword, and so on, especially in the SEO of this one, competition is more intense, a variety of long tail words did not dare to do, emerge in an endless stream, only dare to think, now Taobao off in the high commission of this piece has the clear positioning, is a very important field, if you need to the transformation, you can consider this aspect. Find business opportunities is critical, if you can find a long tail word, although the search is small, but the flow is very accurate, then the conversion rate is the key, which is on the one hand, precision marketing and delivery.

second: Taobao customer transformation, a product in the end, in fact, increasing competition today, the transition is inevitable, so is the key to the transformation to the market to turn, and not again seek better market segments, is what we should do today is also good, actually do a product, a product of a lot of bad environment are very good, you can concentrate on only a single commodity goods, for manufacturers, to flow from the se will be more accurate, the quality will be increasingly high, long tail keywords flow will be more and more, this is optimistic about the market, a little of their choice, it must have the harvest. So on the nature of the product, you can do the information station, you can do the experience of the station, you can do propaganda station, and so on, as long as it is related to do, can be, there is a market.

third: with the guest, this is a trend, do a content nature of the site with the CMS program, for example, is the product usage feel kind, how can the beauty ah, collocation ah, etc., can be, and then put on the Taobao customer interface in these promotional content, below on the content, although this I feel of the user experience is not good, it is also a kind of promotion way, the direct use of the framework calls Taobao’s interface, this form should also be possible, with articles with guest interface, that is.

fourth: the flow is king, what is the flow of growth, I believe the movie friends know the movie heaven this site, we find the movie also looks directly to find the top with a guest interface, do not need to buy whatever you need, I just want to play, you can stop me what is this, the relation of the flow, on the basis of a wide range of flow, 1% people have the intention, then.

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