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Pablo Palatnik, ShadesDaddy.com CEO, in 2007 he began to create ShadesDaddy.com, and now ShadesDaddy.com has become one of the world’s largest online retailer of sunglasses. As a successful entrepreneur, before his 30 birthday he wrote some of the insights since the start of the business, hoping to help entrepreneurs who are doing business. The following is the text:


looking back over the past 30 years, I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Our business enterprises, so the "entrepreneurial" concept has been deeply rooted in the heart, so I have been hoping to create some new achievements on the basis of the existing.

I used to say I want to be a millionaire by the age of 30. This is only my two brothers and I often talk with eloquence when one thing. At this time, they often use their ideas to refute my idea. I believe that everyone needs to be able to put forward "dissent" friends around, but may need the right way. I believe in life, you will encounter a lot of people, even though they may wish you good luck, I hope you never visited, but it often contains another layer of meaning, they actually don’t think that you are so lucky. Hopefully, there are more positive, not negative people around you. It will have a big impact on you, whether it’s your career or your life.

5 months ago, I lost one of the most important people in my life. The man took me to this world my mother. I think that I inherited from her hard work and dedication to quality. In fact, I’m pretty sure of that. But don’t get me wrong, my father works hard. And if I were to choose my father, I would choose my father. But compared to my mother, in her life, these qualities are not comparable.


, I can’t take a few words in this article as I write this for 30 years, but I will write some in to become an entrepreneur and experience the most important experience, and I like this and many entrepreneurs share, hope to benefit your business. Perhaps, after you read these experiences, you will say, "I know all about it." Then I’ll be happy for you. Because, here, I’m not trying to explain any secret of success or something you haven’t heard before. This is just a summary of my personal experience. I believe that the majority of entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process will encounter some similar experience, therefore, we can completely different from the entrepreneurial process summed up some of the coexistence of truth.

in the past 12 years, I have been addicted to online retail. I remember when I was a college student doing a pretty good job at a cheap store. At that time to the new merchandise

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