Wuhan essay selected student grassroots website status analysis

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is the place where people can not stand, is the largest city in China’s urban areas, is the most densely populated cities in China, is one of the largest proportion of Chinese College students.

school, more students, the city is large, rapid economic development, which determines the characteristics of some of the characteristics of Wuhan grassroots website:

(1)                   students do stand more

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(2)                   low level of   (


(3)                   the development of dynamic


(4)                   site viability is not strong

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students do stand, I know, my own university is read in Wuhan, I found it from the inside, who know a little computer knowledge, you will do, so we created a Wuhan network of unprecedented prosperity, large and small sites all kinds of computer as one falls, another rises. The training class emerge in an endless stream, each classroom is filled full, each bedroom there are one or two brothers will open dweamweave.

but the students do more, do better, after all, is also a student, this bird does not look down on students’ meaning, just want to put the reason many students website cannot survive in personal views analysis, so the students have what characteristics? Personally, I think:

. A lack of social experience; lack of social experience, to reflect on the website, is a serious lack of ability to communicate with people. In fact, the site is also a cooperation project, not a student can say: Lao Tzu from front to back, design, programming, animation to 3D, all a person holding the forum is also one Lao Tzu ~ ~ ~ + hi when administrator, a student is basically impossible so full, that you want to stop, how do?

students to build the traditional model is: I will be a little site construction, you will be a little FLASH, well,