Entrepreneurship phase the golden age or bubble Eve

Abstract on the one hand, all kinds of venture capital and venture capital gathered; on the other hand, the bubble has never stopped worrying.

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian Xin Yan October 8th reported

three pm, All seats are occupied. a cafe Zhongguancun Venture Street, to the people in the cafe scattered around, or two or four people sitting, sitting, chat time. Close to them, hear the most is entrepreneurship, financing, models, products, the number of users, activation, industrial chain and other words. These young faces are gathered together in the name of entrepreneurship, where many people spend a whole day ordering a cup of coffee.

is located in Haidian Beijing Zhongguancun Book City Hao sea floor more and more deserted, "the book sold by catty", "the 1 to 50 percent off large signboards make people feel humanistic knowledge seems to be in the air at a discount. Zhongguancun Venture Street has replaced the Haidian book city, the new name of the northwest corner of Zhongguancun, has become a microcosm of the current entrepreneurial innovation.

the same day in the evening, at the end of the class intelligent hardware entrepreneur, from Beijing, Nanjing, Dalian and other places of more than and 20 entrepreneurs to stay for dinner, and is the investor, venture star figures continue to exchange, "the practical experience of entrepreneurs to share, this is very valuable." A businessman named Hu Chao such feelings.

in the name of the founder of entrepreneurial creativity: whether it is the first time, hot agitation or serial entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of various projects, access to resources to reduce the threshold of financing is easier than ever, making the amount of financing has become the unspoken rule.

has invested in the star venture company investors unwilling to work for the agency, have resigned to raise funds to start doing business investment. The past two years, IPO market tide came to a close, hot money into the field of entrepreneurship, the size of venture capital institutions for project investment institutions spread no particular advantage can only compete in the capital investment, resulting in the majority of project valuation is significantly exaggerated, "the experience and resources of entrepreneurs is not scarce, venture capital only money".

on entrepreneurship counseling institutions and activities increased, whether it is on the main street of Zhongguancun garage coffee, 3W coffee, or Tencent, entrepreneurial state, CCTV are doing business counseling and entrepreneurship contest. Nonstop entrepreneurs to participate in various activities, looking for business opportunities, hiring, looking for resources, even listen to others for their products also feel something.

if you look back over the past twenty years, the history of the development of the Internet and mobile Internet, there seems to be no better opportunity to start a business than now.

entrepreneurial agitation

in July this year, instant noodles founder Wang Chong and his buddies disagree because 90 business problems equity distribution, control of the company as a result of A round of financing before the company fall apart, Wang Chong and another founder Yan Ji Yue was "fired".

when people seem to forget this partner the separation of the storm, the Mid Autumn Festival.

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