5 mistakes in network marketing

  in the modern business operation and high tempo "network marketing" the sky cries a little misunderstanding, ordinary businesses will fall into the network marketing knowledge, or that, or the too high to be reached flinch; the blind trust, spend a lot of money on it did not see the effect. Simply put, network marketing is the Internet as a platform and tools for the company and product promotion, sales and after-sales service in a variety of ways. Network marketing not only has some common features of traditional marketing, but also because of the characteristics of the Internet itself, such as large amount of information dissemination and rapid communication, has its own unique advantages. In general, there are five misunderstandings in the network marketing:

A, network marketing is the company website

mentioned network marketing, many people immediately think of the construction site. In general, the establishment of a web site is a lot of companies began the first step in network marketing, but this is far from the entire network marketing.


! Who dares to say that Microsoft’s technology is better than apple, but you go and see, now there are a few people in Apple’s operating system? Aside from the rest, this is the result of marketing. The two sides of the competition is not technology. Technology is important, but only technology has no future. Manufacturers of technology is good, but also to be able to bring real benefits to customers. Otherwise, the customer’s money"

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