Wuhan talent website promotion strategy (dead for essence)

People are going to sleep, especially I have been unemployed for a long time, because of boredom, sleep sleep in particular. One of the negative effects of love is to dream, to do at night and to do during the day. The following text is a dream during the day dream, because it is a daydream, so please do not believe. If you believe that, then you have to lie down on the bed do fantasy.

man said a word, where a fall on where to get up, enough HR bird gas, this is my choice of the most direct reason of talent website.

from Baidu to search a 53DNS, pay $60 in his solution to the problem of corn, to buy flowers Powertek 1K virtual machine (Unicom room, telecommunications network access on both sides is neither fast nor slow, with our sales can not limit IIS point). Go to the CHINAZ to download the IJOB program, the day was also a kind of mold, not higher than the number of Hubei Talent Hotline or less.

a webmaster said person is very tired thing, but do station is more tired than by doing so, the difficulties must be waiting for us ahead.

carries 440 ocean, must expect the 440 oceans into 880 oceans, into 8800 seas. How can these 440 oceans become the 880 ocean? This out of the ocean out of whose pocket?

carries 440 oceans must be a lot of people, how can I compete with others?

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