Jiubang digital Zhang Xiangdong left third venture bicycles

20 evening, President of digital jiubang Zhang Xiangdong announced at micro-blog, he will resign from the board of directors and the president, the next phase will focus on the bike started third venture. However, he said, will continue to serve as consultants to provide services for digital jiubang. And said: "never is a member of digital jiubang, such as emergency difficult, numerous hills and streams, also rushed to the back."

Jiubang digital

confirmed the departure of Zhang Xiangdong, and announced the appointment of vice president, Wen Hui Hai compliance director Zou Xiangguang as independent directors.

data show that in 2004, Zhang Xiangdong graduated from the Peking University, and Deng Yuqiang university students co founded the earliest business jiubang digital 3G portal, and subsequent launch of GO desktop products. Jiubang digital November 2013 officially listed on nasdaq.

in addition to the identity of the president of the listed company, Zhang Xiangdong is a cycling enthusiast, riding on the continents of the world, and published a book to record their many years of riding career short flight.

left behind, jiubang digital situation is not optimistic. According to the second quarter, total revenue jiubang digital second quarter to 100 million 100 thousand yuan ($16 million 100 thousand), growth of 25.2% over the same period last year of 80 million yuan; a net profit of 6 million 600 thousand yuan (about 1 million 100 thousand dollars), 22 million yuan more than the same period last year fell 70%.

and a few days ago, a news portal 3G began a large-scale layoffs, in addition to the sports channel, bookstores, most of the rest were directly cut channel. At the same time, vice president of 3G portal, editor in chief of the peak has not long ago from the 3G portal.

in this regard, Zhang Xiangdong said in an interview, the layoffs are negative, but inside and outside the company that should be cut out of the portal business, the company is concerned, the layoffs are rational, the core business is already GO desktop, rarely portal revenue contribution, there is no profit contribution.

public information, 3G portal was founded in 2004, created by digital jiubang, is one of the earliest mobile Internet portal, is also one of the earliest mobile Internet nuggets. With the rapid development of mobile Internet portal, the golden age is over, 3G portal layoffs indirectly proved this point, but very early on "going abroad" has become the main business of the GO desktop jiubang digital.