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I was from the day of March 26th to start the sale of the chain, was holding the mentality of playing with the first to sell the chain. Occasionally look at the webmaster nets, but rarely stopped in the Trading Forum, because the information is very miscellaneous and chaotic, and the majority of advertising.


plus the first chain, I began to have second, third…… dozens of customers; income from a 5 yuan, 3 yuan, 4 yuan; there are also major clients outside the chain of a one-time purchase of 120 yuan; there are 3 months of continuous purchase chain with customers; intermediary; with QQ, no reply to each other, each other long term customers… What…. customers have. Fortunately, all the customers in the last few minutes after I pay the link, where I would like to thank the integrity of the webmaster, I believe that the original online is not only a liar.

my station from PR2 to PR0, there are many new sites included in Baidu. Some customers, as long as Baidu included close links, is really strong ah.

after a month, I began to contact the buyer to renew, renew the lost part; part; part does not renew.

in more than a month after the sale of the chain, I began to reflect on the following issues:

a, PR how much money

two, the engine included how much money

three, a web site output number of more reasonable

forum discussion posts:

in particular, the third problem, I think this is their own website, the customer is responsible for the problem. Prices can be determined by the market, but quality is also important.

would like to discuss with you: 2413670 my QQ.

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