Yu Yongfu talk about nternet thinking the most dangerous traditional T industry


I used to think of the Internet to squat pit." An industry insider so ridicule Internet thinking word.

millet said I thinking of using the Internet to make mobile phone, God carved that I do with the Internet thinking sirloin, Huang Taiji said that I am thinking of using the Internet to make pancakes, "the Internet thinking" of the word bad street almost beyond the wearable devices and O2O, critics have also through the hype to express yourself and critical look far ahead from a high plane.

in the circle of the word is not what fresh concept, a year ago UC CEO gifted as Yu Yongfu proposed the concept of software company and Internet Co browser browser, and predict the software’s browser browser will die, and the Internet Co of eternal life.

a year later, when the word suddenly become hot, Yu Yongfu in the NetEase and scientific and technological exchanges in its re interpretation.

Internet thinking tradition: the most dangerous IT industry

Yu Yongfu said that the Internet is a big hat thinking, who put it on his head buckle, but not necessarily everyone understand, the Internet thinking at least three points:

1, user oriented, winning products, traditional industries can also use price to distinguish different populations, but the Internet product is free, the price is 0, there is no price war, from the leadership of the product no longer needs, but starting from the needs of users, can resist the leader’s demand, in order to make good product.

2, free of charge, the cost of hardware to close the price of sales, which is a revolutionary thinking of traditional business;

3, rapid iteration cycle of the product from the definition to the production line, according to the original rhythm definitely gone.

the people on the Internet seems commonplace that the traditional industry is not easy to understand, Yu Yongfu said, before looking for UC mobile phone manufacturers to do the pre selection, only do not contain any service stand-alone browser vendors, because once the browser service, users will find manufacturers, this is the cost to the manufacturer, in the traditional vendors sell the product in the eyes, after contact with the user as little as possible, and the Internet Co is on the contrary.

on the other hand, the impact of the traditional industry by the Internet has become an indisputable fact, and for each industry needs the Internet thinking, Yu Yongfu gives a positive answer.

Yu Yongfu believes that traditional industries will be eliminated by the industry depends on the impact velocity (Internet), not every industry has lei. There is also a small wave of opportunities to reverse the situation, if the waves are too large, the IT industry will be relatively large waves, including consumer electronics and traditional IT.

and traditional companies need to look at the transformation of the proportion of Internet business, it is impossible to do everything on the Internet, in theory