Lei Jun learned Ali three points, which is the core of entrepreneurial success


tiger sniffing note: today, the second China angel investor conference held in Beijing, Lei Jun speech theme is "the dream of millet". He shared with you about the creation of millet, financing to become a successful market value of billions of dollars a business process.

good morning everyone! I’m very glad to have such an opportunity to communicate with you. I started my own business earlier, time is relatively long. After the first company listed on the full-time I do a few years of angel investment, to the age of 40, I always feel that there are some dreams have not been completed, so I founded millet.

General Assembly designated topic called Millet Dream, I founded millet when the heart has a dream like this or that, I have a very vulgar target

: "I’ve been doing this for more than and 20 years. Can I start a $10 billion company with my own hands?"

because today’s entrepreneurial market 4 years ago to be able to do $ten billion should be a great goal. I would like to mention this goal seems to think this dream is too vulgar, too materialistic, but do not tell you that I really think so. I think there is a "ten billion dollars," the goal of our help is very large.

how to do with this goal? I am very serious study, research, pondering the history of the big business, such as Ma Huateng, such as the Ma Yun. I was thinking about their entrepreneurial history really great harvest, especially Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial history.

in January this year, I went to Hangzhou to talk with Ma Ma three hours, the main expression is to thank. I said I seriously pondering the history of Alibaba more than and 10 years of entrepreneurship, I learned from the point of the three, which is the sum of the millet I do before the. I think Ali entrepreneurial success has three important points:

first, to a huge market. The success of any large company, it must be a huge entrepreneurial background market, if there is no huge market demand, it is impossible to make the company.

second, to find a group of super fly.

third, relative counterparts, to have a sum of money can never be spent. You might say, "why do you have the money that you can’t spend all the time?" money is of great help to what you see and you have the courage to do it.

millet try

2008 Google released Android, the first Android phone released in 2009. When I saw the first Android phone, I saw an opportunity. I think that in the smartphone industry will reproduce 30 years ago, PC beat Apple’s history. This is a great opportunity.

I think the future of mobile phone software, hardware, the Internet must be combined, that we are talking about "triathlon". So if you can put Microsoft, Google, moto lo