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the following is the full text of the mail notification Google:


would like to inform you of some important information about the AdSense product referral link. We have been working to increase the opportunity for publishers to generate revenue. To this end, we continue to try to improve the revenue of the new features, and the products have been released to the vendor to adjust slightly. This is also true for referral links that are intended to guide users to register for AdSense. This plan in the past year was continued after the test, we found in your region, other products are more valuable than the plan for the selection of hair draper. As a result, we will be in a few weeks to stop providing referral links for the AdSense project. Referral links for other products and services will not be affected.

if you are currently on display on the website to guide the user to register the AdSense referral link unit, please continue to read the following information to understand the changes in the coming weeks.

from the beginning of January, your account will no longer show the relevant options for you to add guide users to access the AdSense product referral link unit. Revenue has not yet reached $$100 existing referral links will continue to accumulate revenue to the end of January. After that, we will completely stop providing the plan. Existing referral links will continue to be displayed on your website.

before the end of January, you should remove all boot user links from the web page to visit the referral link AdSense. The deleted referral links will continue to be displayed on your web page as usual, but you will not record the number of conversions. It is recommended that you replace the AdSense link unit as a link to other products or services, or to other ad units.

thank you for promoting AdSense to users. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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