Wangzhuan Post Bar to analyze the causes of the survey Wangzhuan novice do not earn money

has been a lot of new friends to me now but more integrity survey Wangzhuan not to earn money, so do not mean. I tell new friends, you are wrong, do Wangzhuan investigation is absolutely not worse than you do on other domestic surfing. Why novice friends will have such a feeling? Today to analyze several local survey Wangzhuan should pay attention to.

we must be clear, others send questionnaires to us, we filled out why people give us money, but not survey webmaster to give you the money, but commercial companies give you the money, there are a lot of strength of the commercial companies have no market data exactly when looking for the market, so in this case they need to do a market survey, spend a little money to investigate good market positioning is very important. If they do not have a good grasp of the market, then the future is likely to face a huge loss, so that we received the money are these enterprises to us.


so it is important that we must have the investigation of the enterprise value, popular point that you must let yourself become their potential customers, so they will ask you to roll, specifically how to do? The key problem is at the time of registration, registration of the first time to fill in the information must be true except something, such as ID number, mobile phone number and name, the other must master a principle: you are not poor, you are rich, you have a wide circle of social contact, your occupation involves is very wide;

, for example, education: undergraduate; monthly income: 6000 – 8000 yuan; Occupation: online games or entertainment industry; whether have their own housing:; whether to have my own car: have the bank card; the domestic banks are on the hook; whether having a credit card: have no; insurance:


well, I explain, in front of several have said, is to prove that you are not poor, affordable, and your occupation and many industries linked; behind several to fill, each bank credit card if you have a credit card, then a questionnaire estimated not you a, if you have insurance all insurance so you will not copy the questionnaire, by analogy, friends should be able to understand some.

concluded: when you registered your package will become a consumption capacity but did not add a lot of commercial projects, then you will become the target of potential customers in many enterprises, so you will wow the questionnaire sent to your mailbox, so in the amount you more than others a lot of, use the same method to register several survey net, I think you will never say to me the survey does not make money. What if you have good suggestions, welcome to to communicate with me, I hope this article can give a friend is ready to do the survey Wangzhuan a little help.

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