How to choose the right website alliance to create higher value

first look at several mainstream model.

CPC, pay per click;

CPM, paid by exposure;

CPS, by consumption;

CPA, divided by behavior;

domestic mainstream webmaster alliance, NetEase, each big Adsense alliance, Amoy electricity supplier’s promotion system, as well as the newly born host comment stationmaster alliance. As the most effective way to promote the alliance system, to help the website to enhance the advertising effect, also can let more webmaster friends private wealth website.

look at the guest, the guest test found that adding guest alliance needs the site for the record, the basic threshold is believed to have shut out many small owners.

look at these several mainstream referral model.

domestic CPC model is very cheap to NetEase Adsense alliance, for example, the price of an effective click is 0.1 yuan. According to this calculation, if the site has 100 separate IP visits per day, click on the advertising rate of 100%, then only earn a day of $10.

relative to the CPC model, CPM seems to be more reasonable, as long as the ad hanging out someone should pay the cost of advertising. However, the price is still very cheap, and even some of the requirements of the union, many small sites are simply not up to the requirements of.

NetEase Adsense alliance, for example, according to exposure to pay 5 yuan /1000IP, and the same user is only calculated for the first time to visit, so that the site needs a large number of new visitors can continue. This is almost impossible for small domestic webmaster.

CPS, according to the consumption of this model is currently the most widely used, but also the mainstream electricity supplier alliance, users click on the formation of transactions through the past, the commission can extract the commission. But again, although this model does not require the amount of traffic on the site, however, access to the user through the purchase of advertising impulse, and ultimately the formation of transactions is not an easy thing.

CPA, according to the behavior is divided into, for example, require the user to do what kind of operation, etc.. Relative to CPS, which may require more user behavior.

choose a suitable alliance platform

through the introduction of the above several mainstream understanding of the model, as well as the integration of the majority of the owners of the domestic alliance. The author believes that the highest efficiency, the lowest difficulty is the host Review Network Alliance system.

why do you say that, in fact, no matter what kind of referral system, the source of interest is the user, whether it is a click or consumption, which, the user is not any benefit from. Then the host review network promotion system is to allow users to benefit from. Some webmaster friends may not be very clear

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