Do guest earn Taobao money is not difficult

for China’s webmaster, Taobao guest is not unfamiliar words. With the rapid development of e-commerce, Humayun Ali mother quickly built Taobao passenger platform, a pearl in the palm for his escort. Due to the use of Taobao passenger sales commission mode, and many of the goods, the Commission is higher, so many owners sought after.

although a lot of people early on to get their own exclusive code, but the real money to make friends is relatively small. I do Taobao off a long time, can only earn a little money, the promotion of Taobao off some of their own views, out to share with you here.

and many webmasters, I also through the site to promote the platform of Taobao products. But my method is different from most of the webmaster. Many people in the promotion of Taobao products are produced or purchased a dedicated template, which covers all of the current popular products. But this method I personally do not look good, and many friends complain about their own site traffic, but also can not earn a penny. In fact, the reason for this phenomenon is very simple, visitors come to your site to see so many goods, certainly no idea. After the right to pick the right to pick up the feeling that each one is good, but would like to shop than three, to see whether there is a higher cost. How to do it? Go straight to Taobao to search it, so that there is no consumer from your site into the commodity sales interface.

guest webmaster must understand that it is now Taobao has formed a brand, a lot of people know how to online shopping directly to the official website for the product. If you do your own website like a complete range of products, although very beautiful, but it can not retain the orientation of Internet users.

compared to those fancy site, my practice is much simpler, the first is the product segmentation, and then the establishment of only one product site. For example, I am a website dedicated to slimming tea as the theme, every day to update a few long tail keywords with the original article, so that the directional flow from the search engine will be firmly grasp. Then I place on the website hung a flashing pictures, write: crown reputation, Taobao is the most effective slimming tea! Picture links is of course their guest address. So that every visitor to the site has only one choice, so the conversion rate is very high.

although the station every day my money is not much, but I can do some batch of similar sites, I believe the future will have Many a little make a mickle., good income. For those who have not made money friends may wish to try this approach, as long as you work hard to do, one day will be rewarded.

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