Analysis of consumer psychology in electronic commerce

Electronic commerce has the characteristics of open, global, low cost and high efficiency of Internet. It has been widely used in various industries. According to the world trade organization, trade based on Internet is growing at an annual rate of double, and by 2003, it is expected to reach 2% of the total trade in industrialized countries. As a result of the online " money " King unlimited, many modern enterprises have to develop the business and consumer e-commerce model as a huge potential to develop a new business model. Consumer psychology and consumer behavior is the starting point and basis for the development of business strategy, especially the formulation of marketing strategies. In the face of this special form of consumption, consumer psychology and consumer behavior are more complex and subtle, which directly affects the operation and development of e-commerce. Further study of consumer psychology and consumer behavior is of great significance to further develop e-commerce.

Market trends and characteristics of consumer psychology

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