When you want to make money, shout it out loud

to any kind of things, will have their own life cycle. The new stage, it was sought after; climax stage, there are people who go to low tide, there will be a variety of noise. In the era of the Internet, this cycle is to get continuous certification. Watercress, from people’s discussion, now seems to be entering such a cycle. The following is a bean your friends (since 2007) in the know of their own views.

I should be bean senior user, from the beginning of the 07 year playing watercress, at first just to find books and movies, and later was keen to participate in the organization of a variety of online and offline activities, and create a lot of group in the city and QQ group, and later fell over a period of time to focus on the research station, later Tun and agricultural metal hyacinth, later is always not clear how to play the city of Alfa and bean, then once daily readings to nine points, and now occasionally update update the diary, read books and movies, listen to DouBan FM, basically stay too long in the bean petal.

self summarized as follows:

1 is old enough to start caring more about himself.

2 used to like to see a variety of news and current events in the group, since the micro-blog, watercress news attribute is not so strong, although do a similar form of watercress broadcast.

3 is now a commodity on the watercress line, my home quickly became a collection of all kinds of Taobao goods, had to set aside such concerns.

4 watercress feel more and more boring mediocrity, more and more people, a lot of boring album around PA, a lot of boring online activities, the group also filled with a variety of means and not up.

has been trying to feel watercress, but want to make money but not the sprinkle fig leaf, simply relying on a number of work absquatulate work shake WeChat user group, can develop


look at almost know the friends of God replies:

high-end users to contribute to the end of the end of a large study of Single Married baby went.

watercress active user base and the year is not the same.

so feel more and more mediocre".

high quality content completely depends on the high quality and high-quality user, users in the community is always a relatively small proportion, that is the senior young artists and the great God class Curve Wrecker, technical strongman, such people are always a small proportion.

bean to start this high-quality user oriented, and quickly attract similar users, but with the number of users increased, and the rate of growth slowed down (because the society there are a handful of so much in the mood to share God) will not increase, and it is attracted more and more white, the proportion of more and more, gradually dilute the content, makes God gradually away from the site, and towards the huge flow of customers to the Taobao owner, no part-time recruitment >

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