How to go part-time Wangzhuan site Wangzhuan development trend analysis

What time

Wangzhuan part-time start? What is now in the stage of development? How the development trend of the future? This is worthy of our understanding and thinking about the problem, because we do Wangzhuan station needs to know the development prospects, the development trend of the network of part-time, in order to find out the starting point, identify the entry point can "make a fuss", will be the starting point of profit of.

Wangzhuan nine years there, from 2000 to 2004 should be at the stage of development, since 2004 is a period of rapid development, just think, is currently in the development of the peak, all Wangzhuan is like a raging fire to start either click Wangzhuan, survey Wangzhuan, play games, surf the register to make money, money, money paid to read mail download. Or, do Witkey money, Taobao shop to make money, make money do guest, to build their own blog website and online gambling money, make money, have reached a relatively high peak, the peak of human development is always pushing, so many people in this work, a lot of the shop opened, a large number of Wangzhuan site rise, a lot of advertising dazzled.

against the wind and is not always a good thing, like the mobile phone against jurisprudence, rectification is bound to usher in a head-on blow during the climax of rush into danger, Wangzhuan station also is so, we are going to use Baidu Search "Wangzhuan" casually, that is a lot of Wangzhuan site, I found a lot of research, successful or have a certain history so, the Wangzhuan station timely provide the more comprehensive information of the target population is higher, do a lot of people love the project (this class I feel now has been unable to maintain the status quo; development, most) or the starting point is relatively clear, like the focus on foreign click Wangzhuan, updated every day, plus some good foreign click station, delete the liar station, as well as focusing on the game (lucky 28, happy 16) website lists all the domestic games, and Often put some skills of the game in these games to attract game player, this is also the starting point, in addition to many failed sites, generally did not last long, what’s the reason? The site several Wangzhuan column is like the others, not their focus, not their target population, do not have their own characteristics why do people love your


to my station as an example, my college station Wangzhuan part-time network have not been built long, but the development of better, flow slowly increased. As a higher standing above said, the starting point is very important, the starting point of the station is that college students, because students have a unique advantage to do Wangzhuan, do the network part well, so I usually when updating the article to give full consideration to the target population, they stand in the corner, write some of their needs, love the article, stand on the angle to provide them with some good Wangzhuan project, this will accumulate more and more repeat customers, believe that for a long time will naturally flow more slowly.

in addition to identify the entry point, the promotion is very good promotion, my target population is college students, so often to some college students community posting, add some college students part-time group, >

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