Decrypt film and television network translation part of the group’s revenue of $100 million

many people have in the network to catch the foreign TV drama experience. When we are watching the "escape", "sex and the city" and other Korean drama, often see a certain translation subtitles group. ". In the enjoyment of their compulsory service at the same time, we can not help but doubt: subtitle group is what people? How do they live? The day before, the reporter contact to Chongqing Zaier Xiao Fu (a pseudonym), he is one of China’s most influential subtitle group "soft wind" was created, he for us unveiled the subtitle groups.

identity a mystery: "welfare" rich students, Indoorsman Indoorswoman are threatened by growing crises,

Xiao Fu introduction, if the translation of a movie for the pirates, there will probably be a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars of income, and for the caption group work, 10 Fen can not fishing, "the members have their own formal work, subtitling is compulsory, without compensation".

subtitle group what exactly is which? Xiao Fu said, in this circle, the members of the true identity is generally is confidential, "may be a Chinese students, a white-collar workers, and even the Chinatown housewife. And the only link that connects them is the Internet and the love of foreign dramas". However, some features of the subtitles group members is relatively common, they generally have a lot of free time at the computer, students and Indoorsman Indoorswoman. The average age is between 20 and 25 years old, foreign language ability is very good".

although members of the subtitle group are voluntary labor, but the operation is not free. Just rent a server, you need a few million a year. According to a person familiar with the matter said, in fact, some of the subtitles of the network forum is backed by companies or monopolies. These forums have access to a large number of advertisers of all ages, and some of the group’s advertising revenue can reach several hundred million yuan, and the forum can also provide the company to suppress the RMVB made charging video on demand. Of course, the money is usually not a member of the subtitle group.

welfare generous, can get VIP download account

Of course, there is also "welfare" in

‘s subtitle group". In "everyone in the film subtitle group served as head of the" netizen "potato silk" told reporters, "only in the subtitle group, to download a VIP account foreign server, unlimited download to watch foreign movies and television, can quickly see the latest thing".

on the other hand, a sense of accomplishment is also the motivation of many members. From the second began to do the work of the "potato silk" caption said: "when the members of the ID subtitles, the film will hit the front, this time a little proud. Before and roommates to watch American TV, we will pay special attention to that part of what I do, see the translation of color, but also come together to discuss. I also will I do the film and television show to girlfriend." Xiao Fu said, the translation groups had a girl, knowing that her father love watching TV "crime scene investigation", in at the beginning of the film to write their own.

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