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Hello everyone, this is the first time I published an article in A5, but has been concerned about A5, because A5 let me learn a lot of things. I am -Decadent.

I never graduated from junior high school, secondary school learning is to cook. But to give up 2 years ago. Madly in love with the network, because the network can continue to bring me happiness and excitement. As I love the site set up half a year ago, space to 500 yuan from 100 yuan to upgrade, learning things that are on the increase, A5 also gave me great help by chance I know GG. and crazy began to study, and in the 3 months to do GG

a few days ago I made a free training group to do a lot of tutorials, but the results are very angry. There are hackers threatened me black, some people curse garbage. I was training but understand the people have to earn money. Then I do some restrictions. But also to let them get more people to do. The development of a 1000 *

but otherwise, they just ask questions, download things. Stealing my things. A person who questions even tutorial do not see there are people ` ` goal is money but in the building site and application GG wrestling. I will give them a story, I his story.

I had no GG and GG website. I bought 100 bus blog article looking for someone to spend 4 bucks to do I use my time to maximize. With more time to make money. Not because the goal is money. The problems in the process of change in the idea of ` we are all human beings, why others you can’t make money, 1+1=2 and 0.5+1.5=2 different ideas of the same goal, resource capital ` s own notice.

story also told the training of the tutorial has done, or some people do not understand the dream of a day to earn how much, they do not consider their own resources are not so good and capital. Capital and money is proportional to. Study hard. With perseverance insist, is to do Wangzhuan novice, there must be a goal, but not because of a certain project change. My purpose is money ‘need is very simple, GG website. I have done

you? How can you change your goals? Is also stuck in the building site and apply GG? So to say ` ` no limit group said I let them, but they never know. They don’t own propaganda is equal to no income. There are some things we need each other. This society is a large circular chain ` who also cannot do without who, who is who demand. Also hope that novices from my paper. I can understand what that ` I am also a rookie. No education is not a computer professional. My success is based on my efforts. I work in.

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