n the business or leave the business Four factors need to be considered


need to resign? This is a problem. Experienced entrepreneurs and business consultant Amir Khella in the personal blog for us to enumerate some of the factors need to be considered. He doesn’t think it’s important to quit or not, it’s important that you’re really working on your ideas. As long as you have a lot of enthusiasm and conviction, time is like water in a sponge.

Amir Khella is a well-known user experience designer, over the past three years, he successfully created more than a dozen start-ups, including the acquisition of Google DocVerse.

below is the full text of the article:

the question of whether I should resign or start a business, I have heard a lot of opinions over the past few years. Some people say that you want to work at the same time to start a business, because you need income, but also do not know their ideas are not good enough. Some people say on the meeting cannot dedicate business, this may be the cause of entrepreneurial failure.

I met some friends to quit her job to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. A few months later, some people began to look for a new job, there are some never regret their resignation decision.

as far as I’m concerned, I don’t even have any ideas or plans to quit. I always know that quitting is the right decision to go to work. There is no room for a loan or a child, which makes it easier for me to make a decision, but after three years and many failed products, I began to rely on their own ideas to get income. At the same time, I offer advice to other companies to make ends meet, which gives me the freedom to go to work when I need to earn money, while others focus on my product.

I don’t recommend quitting without an idea or plan, but it’s the best decision for me to look back on.

when should I keep a full-time job?

1, when you need a fixed income to maintain the existing lifestyle, mortgage, for children to school;

2, when your ideas are not clear enough, or have not been verified or tested by the market;

3, when your work can actually provide the necessary experience to implement your ideas (business, marketing, design, development, etc.);

4, when you have enough time for work and after the weekend to realize your ideas and go well.

in fact, sometimes it’s better to have less time, you’re more focused, more productive, and less waste of time watching news and participating in activities. Time will not force you to use reasonable.

when should leave the business?

1, when you’re exhausted from work;

2, when you have enough savings or other sources of income, you can support until you begin to earn income or obtain financing;


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