Talk about the Chinese entrepreneurs on the road can not know those things (next)

in the previously reported venture to those things, we have revealed the development status of the domestic mobile market for the majority of entrepreneurs, I believe we have to understand a few mobile tycoon, we continue to encounter the other thing about the way of entrepreneurship.


investors: China’s investment and the U.S. model is very different, for many start-ups and their supporters, the acquisition is a key export. In China, IPO has become an important way for many companies to default. However, a series of related events caused a lot of doubts, spiral quantities such as the controversial Facebook IPO, Groupon China listed companies struggle and decline, all people can not help but doubt on route IPO.

recently bought the nature of the handle network also canceled the planned IPO, in addition to the activities of the venture capital companies within the scope of China in the past 18 months has been significantly reduced. Reuters reports found that in the first quarter of 2012, venture capital, compared with the previous year fell by nearly 80%. The reduction in IPO has led to a lot of warning, there are a lot of ordinary people’s concerns, including account fraud and government intervention, etc..

Explosive development of

mobile Internet technology makes many enterprises Chinese people generally believe that the market will be taken by surprise, there are more potential acquisitions, many U.S. investors did this shows great interest. Earlier this year, Fidelity Investment Group for the Internet consumer space announced a $250 million fund at the same time, SAIF and Niklas Zennströ m (founder of Skype) Atomico and other companies have put money into some games and mobile related startups.


accelerator: Double US accelerator aroused more and more company officially launched, providing more China to explore market opportunities, make people more convenient and efficient access to local experts and consultants, the existing two projects have talent shows itself.

China accelerator is a member of the Techstars network, founded in 2007, TechStars, a total of 114 companies hatched, and nearly 100 are hatching. About 80% of TechStars companies have access to venture capital or larger angel financing. The introduction of TechStars model is the mentor to help it startup, Startup America also jointly founded the "global network accelerator" (Global Accelerator Network), the model of information share with many incubators, accelerators to help them accelerate.

officially launched in April 2012, InnoSpring is the first Silicon Valley technology for the United States

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