College students returning home to start shrimp 260 thousand

in July after graduating from college students, Ou Maohui gave up the sea technician in Xiamen a company, decided to return to his hometown in Haikou Sanjiang village on Meilan District when the shrimp farmers, has created a net profit of 260 thousand yuan. Is expected to the end of October, he won the shrimp can profit about 100000 yuan.

reporter came to 60 km away from the urban village on the base of shrimp pond, small Europe was enthusiastically for a shrimp farming technology guide village. The small black face is now a small local famous technician.

help father "stage a comeback"

1996, Ou Maohui’s father began to try a small investment in shrimp, and has made some gains. As soon as Ou Maohui is free, he goes to the shrimp pond. 1999, Ou Maohui Shanghai College of agriculture, the original Agricultural College of marine aquaculture (after the Marine Institute of marine aquaculture professional). In his sophomore first semester, the villagers shrimp generally do not make money, Father also lost a lot, 200 thousand yuan a boondoggle. My father is going to do nothing, a few million savings for small Europe through college and jobs. But Ou Maohui persuaded his father not to give up, he used the knowledge to guide the father of shrimp, determined to help his father "stage a comeback". Gradually, the home of the shrimp pond has improved.

graduated from home when the shrimp farmers

in the second half of last year, Ou Maohui in reading the first semester of the first semester, completed in advance undergraduate credits. Xiamen, a company took a fancy to him, to stay a technician positions, and promised a monthly salary of 3500 yuan. Ou Maohui declined the company, chose to go home to start their own business. At this time, the father decided to take home 17 acres of shrimp pond gave him the "care", when his helper. Since then, Ou Maohui has become a veritable shrimp farmers, encountered problems back to his alma mater consulting teacher.

hard work pays off, through the efforts of the season he raised the shrimp survival rate was above 80%, the total output reached nearly million kilograms, is the home of the shrimp since the benefits of the best time, total profit of 140 thousand yuan. This year, the European part of the low and small pool shrimp pond into a pond shrimp pond, and the introduction of the national "863 project" and the success of shrimp farming, and get a profit of 120 thousand yuan. Is expected by the end of October, he also can harvest shrimp 11 thousand kilograms, profits can reach more than 10 yuan.

folks free technician

Ou Maohui became a little famous "character", some of the surrounding shrimp farmers often come to ask him. Ou Maohui is always ready to help. Small European passionate and cautious, because the introduction and promotion of shrimp and shrimp feed, drugs are related to the livelihood of people. And the introduction of a variety of each, he is always the first to consult the experts of the sea, and after their repeated trials, it is recommended to farmers, and free technical guidance.

Ou Maohui told reporters that he is the alma mater teacher entrepreneurship knowledge "backer", for him, some professors also personally to the shrimp pond to guide. He is now working with a college classmate to contract a shrimp pond

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