Take QQ expression to make money

said today about how to use QQ expressions to get traffic and as a formal career to do first! A few days ago, we look at advertising, celebrity endorsements will see the network of small children’s food is the twin sisters. In a friend’s car yesterday, turn freely a magazine, is to write the network how is the hype and push the girl they are Sister Lotus February is a large forum to promote the occupation of the network we do, should be more aware of where the fastest spreading these people every day to focus on Tianya people but few people are concerned about the QQ 100% is everyone concerned about QQ if we use QQ look to the hype of a celebrity then becomes easier than they.

1, edit some of the more funny expression, is shot out, and then with the text.

2, make some funny language

For example,

a few days ago, I saw a picture of a man, is a professional shot where 4 people go to the toilet, beside the guard with a gun, the title is " the protection of the main pull X" there is one, is a beauty, in front of a grave cry over there, in the tomb monument write a " group; XXX" then the beauty weeping beside the narrator " group Hello cruel, leave me alone " these are because of reality, so it has speculation.

1, looking for better facial expressions, looks indifferent.

2, constantly shooting some of the more funny pictures and then equipped with text on the Internet to spread these will soon be opened up.

every day, the latest update expressions such as QQ monkey, almost everyone has seen real look much better than the QQ monkey, so a greater temptation. People who are interested in speculation, you can try, this thing did not profit in the early stage, the latter is profiteering

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