The development direction of veteran T T workers’ eyes

IT industry is too easy to make money "," government property IT is not so strict, I wanted to go to the overseas listing, in addition, no two years of market capitalization doubled several times, several times the profit of thousands of times higher than the real estate, we invested 10 dollars to earn 1 dollars, 10 dollars invested in IT industry earn 1000 dollars, can’t use this money too easy way to look at others."

this is from the real estate industry heavyweights Ren Zhiqiang, time in March 24th this year, the IT leadership summit. Read the above words, I do not know all of the IT code farmers, forced by the IT engineers feel. They are not "feel negative Enze", or "anger too much to handle"


as a mix of many years in the IT industry, but also a professional planner, which let me have a new understanding of the professional development of IT people. IT in this rapidly changing industry, the views of its occupation development we yesterday, today again, whether it becomes a pedantic by


1 technology to a certain extent involved in the management of


believes that this is one of the most professional advice to IT. In China, pure technology will soon encounter the ceiling, career stagnation. Therefore, we put forward advice: whether to do or to participate in project management, market management, technical engineers, IT programmers at this time must be hard to deal with people skills, coordination, communication and all things to all men. The reason for this advice is that software engineering can not be handled by one or two people, a large software system is bound to be dozens of people, hundreds or even thousands of people involved. At that time, how can a programmer’s value be compared with the value of a manager?

but the world of the Internet seems to be abandoning the idea. The social network of the most cattle company feisibuke $1 billion acquisition was only more than and 500 days of Instagram IT has become the new wealth legend, and this technology to develop the company to share photos of all personnel only 13 people. Another two months earlier, because the game, you draw me guess and the game industry chiefs zygna2.3 billion acquisition of omgpop, its development team is only a mere 5 people. If you still think that to do any of the high value of the software are often dozens of people, hundreds of people, I will give you my personal experience of the case. Recently, I have the honor to participate in the mobile Internet business team party, I found all the Internet, mobile internet project team, they are a project number no more than 5 people, many of them are a team of three people (one person, a person to do UI design code, a person to do, and they cycle architecture) a software development is generally not more than three months!

people in the work of those who can not be killed three people, the development of an application for three months. They have to have a team of dozens of people, at least half a year, a lot of project managers with a department manager.

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