Taobao customers must comply with the ten code

, Taobao is not as simple as you imagine, this may be a long process; like all other occupations, but also through your efforts to achieve. Also want to save money and want to make good things!

two, in the Taobao guest on the road, there are many ups and downs. Some of you need to explore yourself, others need some help from your friends. Whether it is online or in reality, friends are indispensable!

three, Taobao is not GAD, is to get a commission after the transaction. To pay attention to the customer experience, how to make customers click on "buy Taobao" button and complete the transaction. Conversion is what Taobao customers really need.

four, do everything to have the direction, Taobao guest also. To face different customer base to promote different products. No one will go to the clothes shop to buy car MP3.

five, apply for a number of PID, with different PID to publish original, reduce the chance of being replaced by PID. Dont put your eggs one basket (don’t put all your eggs in one basket) in all.

six, must have a certain knowledge of the network, if you do not even HTML, as soon as possible to learn a school, not difficult. It will be of great help to you.

seven, don’t mess with the search engine, please abide by their rules. Otherwise, they are more than a few of you, not a lot of you, K your station, but you cry.

eight, the site should be put on statistical tools to see what people click on your link. Often go to Baidu keyword index look at your keyword heat, better analysis of your site.

nine, the hair should pay attention to the chain method. For example, the correct way, friends of the chain, little BBS effect. Avoid posting machine posting, freeloading does not have good results.

ten, don’t let Taobao customers take up all your time; make her a part of your life, so you’ll be happier.

beautiful shopping site long ten Taobao customer experience, the central idea is: down to earth, serious and pragmatic, hard work!, reproduced please specify!

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