Lei Jun’s investment philosophy investors, God helps those who help themselves.

Lei Jun, China is one of the most successful investor Lei Jun said: "my occupation career is divided into three blocks: A, Jinshan, including joyo.com; two, in 2007 more than three years of investment from Jinshan after retirement, do full-time three years of angel investment; founded three, millet began in mid 2010."


Lei Jun, one of China’s most successful investors

as the most successful investors, Lei Jun investment case is yy. In November 2012, the celebrations of the times listed on Nasdaq, Lei Jun $1 million angel investment 7 years get 280 times the return. In addition, Lei Jun also invested every guest, Kara, UC, street network, the Great Wall, will see more than and 20 fast innovation enterprises etc..


YY listed on the Nasdaq, Lei Jun is Li Xueling


Lei Jun also said that his early "I do things more confident, always think that smart and diligence invincible, always think that as long as their efforts can do anything, then to forty years of age or feel ability is limited, each person’s ability is limited, to realize the flow." 2011, Lei Jun established the angel investment fund: the fund along with the trend of.

said why Shun Lei Jun, said: "I need a professional team to help me manage my investment, many investors also want me to help them with their money, I also need to finance investment projects in the process of growing up, Shun some LP for directly or indirectly to cast off my project, they I have always wanted to set up a fund to help them manage money."


Lei Jun investment

Lei Jun investment, basically divided into two parts and angel fund. The angel Lei recognized mainly acquaintances. In the later period, Lei Jun at the end of October 2011 established the $225 million venture capital fund, along for the fund, to expand the scope of investment and layout. Lei Jun investment principle is to help is not chaos, not without. His core is to look at the people, to see the person is the ability to see the background, the degree of trust.

Lei Jun said: "all of the investment in the company, I play their friends, mainly to help, I have not the actual controller, they just Lei Jun’s circle of friends, not lei." On the development direction of the Lei, believe that "only the founder of the most understand their business" principle, so never with the identity of the investor to entrepreneurs backseat driver.


Lei Jun in an open event, has expressed his investment philosophy:

one, one hundred percent people, love what you do

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