China advertising and Brand Conference 2007

2006C-R3 Chinese advertising media agency 2006C-R3 China Award Best Award best creative advertising agency mindshare Ogilvy 2006 annual China new advertising award Grand Prix 2006 Chinese Advertising Annual Grand Prix Coca-Cola World Cup Nike 12 seconds 88 case 2006 China network media marketing Awards 2006 most growth media awards (Chinese) Holdings Limited Focus Media 2006 new Chinese advertising works 2006 China new television advertising category winners plane gold prize is BOSE car audio video class gold medal is Budweiser class silver plane is Maxam hand cream film class silver is Finland will award: IBM painkillers Plane Air France 2006 Chinese network media marketing innovation award China advertising the special contribution award of new media Sohu Towona mobile TV media Group NetEase Air Media 2006 China health media network brand contribution award 2006 Chinese brand marketing innovation awards director Wu Haiyan Anhui Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. Jiang Huai Automobile Corp Coca-Cola World Cup Anhui Tianfang Tea (Group) Company Zheng Xiao and chairman of Dalian Sun Asia Tourism Holdings Ltd 2006 annual New Media Award 2006 Chinese new media advertising media innovation Award "China stores operating Focus Media the Central Television Network Taiwan media Oriental TV CCTV 3D screen advertising media Sichuan TV media time Shenyang TV Guangdong TV advertising network Touchmedia Dahe Daily     Guangzhou; chairman of the Hefei evening news 2006 China Advertising Awards 2006 China new media advertising outstanding contribution figures – Vanke new elm mansion Air Media President Guo Man of Yunnan Baiyao woundplast advertising Chinese 2006 ocean strategy outstanding contribution to the characters of Lodi Kang capsule we marketing group Chen Yizhan 2005 Coca-Cola brand marketing planning Co. Ltd., chairman of the Focus Media China founder of the board of directors Jiang Nanchun miiow clothing marketing planning agency President Ye Maozhong chairman Ye Maozhong Changhong panoramic vision network technology Co. Ltd. Lu Chen Passat marketing director of the advertising department CCTV Xia Hongbo "Kung Fu" restaurant chain brand strategy   entertainment events Shengya Ocean World Marketing & nbsp; Jiashan Yellow Wine Xitang wine marketing war case documentary     ZTE mobile phone; Lenovo notebook computer  

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