China automotive products online

. Introduction: advertisers Chinese automotive supplies online ( is the earliest engaged in automotive products online sales website,

rely on a powerful network platform, to provide you with daily necessities from the car, to high-end automotive consumer goods;

from the high and low levels of product positioning, to the needs of different users of products.

high efficiency, stable, safe and reliable one-stop procurement of goods, to provide you with professional and reliable goods supply channels.

type: CPS


* 4Standard: maintenance supplies into

by 9%

interior trim / automotive exterior supplies / automotive safety theft / Auto video / car modification supplies / outdoor travel / car tool equipment / store decoration / Auto / car owners by 6% to

communications navigation / automotive appliances by 3.5% into

* RD=90

. The settlement period:


custom links:


. The data return mechanism: real-time return

* advertising review mode: automatic audit

on-line activities: to meet the Olympic Games, hundreds of kinds of automobile products special offer sales, "send, buy send" crazy special offer, come and take a look at


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