How to get the high novice guest flow

guest to make money, so a lot of people have joined, but really do too few people, this article talk about how to get the new guest "high" flow – containing high flow and high quality flow quantity.

talk about how to get a high number of traffic.

no matter you are single page, API or the other, the novice want to through the search engine for high flow it is unlikely, so in our every day outside the chain, update the article, there is no thought through other ways to attract some traffic.

We can through the

forums, some funny topic anyway as long as it is attracting the attention of the people on the topic; QQ group, QQ group promotion is also very good, every day to adhere to their own plus 5 QQ group, one month down to flow through the QQ group is also quite objective; hot topic is always method for high flow the couple had to have a keen sense of smell, for those hot topics found earlier, attract traffic to your site. Popular film and television drama is, many netizens are not willing to go to the cinema, you put the seeds themselves online, then go to the people for seeds leave words, then you want to find the seeds of the people see and will click on your website.

said that the couple should ask, guest flow conversion rate was low, the high number of traffic is useless ah, I can only say to see interest for a long time, you may remember the website features, users.

talking about the most important, how to get high quality flow, that is, high conversion rate of flow.

1 forum promotion. First, you must first select the items, we like snow boots, then you have to go to and you choose the commodity related forums, such as we go to the women’s forum, rather than what the male game forum, forum, forum found, also have to find some corresponding plate, don’t go to post Ads area. Find forums don’t send ad, you stay there for a week, post and paste, look at this forum, Yan lax, lax you in direct advertisers, Yan’s words, you have to write your own articles to buy the goods experience, add a link in the the article inadvertently, let a person not easy to see that it is advertising.

2.QQ group. This is to pay attention to the skills of the group, you are to promote what, add some and you have to promote the relationship between QQ group

3 Q & a platform to promote, Tencent ask, Baidu know is the most common. Now ask the link is easy to point, Baidu, then sad. Inquiry platform promotion is a skill, not to say see people ask, where clothes ah, you have to put up your web site, so the conversion rate is very low, you need to organize your language, make people think that you have bought there, so that you can tell people the clothes I bought is really good. There are people ask the clothes, you directly stick to the web site address is not very good, you at least paste clothes that kind of address, you’d better choose a person and then paste it >

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