Novice online money is not just for money

dream 58 part-time webmaster is a college student, since joining the online part-time industry inside. Not yet how much money, but I still feel a lot of harvest. So I want to talk to you. What should we do in the online part-time job is what kind of mentality and ideas to face.

09 years in October, one of the online games are not interested in my own computer, suddenly on the so-called online part-time or is Wangzhuan interested. So every day as long as the Internet will find about making money online, the first time, what began as a survey registration, click Wangzhuan, I try to do some. But almost no penny. Remember when you just do a Alipay Wangzhuan earned poor 0.2 hair, then hit the Alipay account. I thought it was funny. But also let me have a strong interest in online money. After more than two months, I have been looking for online, groping, as long as the money on the post I will almost read to see. I am a student in the school room to work in the evening when the evening package can be a night, so I basically have 4 days to go to the package. It is the coldest time of Harbin City, I was wearing a down jacket in the room shaking, but still insist that start. Cause I know I’m hooked on it.

I am from the construction site, to build a blog, do advertising alliance, and so on, as long as the various online mentioned part-time projects I basically try to do. But the end result is a failure. I seem to doubt that the Internet is not really what people say money. But listen to those who earn a lot of master in there about their success process, and how people envy. Although a penny did not earn, but I seem to feel that they are in progress, imagine that they can not be allowed to make a money I have a network of continuous package to understand the entrepreneurial story of celebrities. To learn their methods. I don’t think I’m getting anything.

although I still wonder whether the network can make me earn money. But I think I’ll go on and on. Because I really have harvest. We can not blindly see the part-time online project is done blindly. This is a lesson that has been taught to me. We need to think, judge, and understand. If we see what we do, I think the result is basically nothing. Just like when I do Wangzhuan survey, nearly more than and 20 registered website address. We think, every day you go to open the web site to see how much money you earn, it will be a very tiring thing. Some people may think that I did not insist. But what I want to tell you is. We really need to keep doing things. But the premise is that you do this thing is meaningful and valuable to you, is not suitable for you to do. You will only have the confidence to stick to it if you find something you like to do online or a project that suits you. Also, we do not feel that in the process of part-time online, as long as we can not make money we may have failed, it is no harvest. I want to say something like this

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