Amoy Knight the first time close contact with GG.

Hello, I Amoy knight, today to talk about the GG account application, first talk about me, I do GG can be said to be in the second half of the 07 years began to contact, the application is very simple, but not ignorance, apply a few ah, that when I apply for a super simple, with sina can through the blog, and the blog, then the third party blog can not be passed, GG Blogger is approved by the GGAD, after all, is GG himself under the door, Blogger blog service, now is not to go, because you know, I was the first time for not using the third party blog and I use the ZBLOG program, and then apply the CN corn, the 07 year is CN Yuan era, ha ha, blog about adding about 20 articles, and then go to the GGAD page to submit For about 1 weeks or so down the application GG account, the rate is very high ~ Oh, but the name has a problem, because my name is a word for word, homophones, English name in front of me to fill in behind, this led me to face the first time after withdrawal not smooth foreshadowed.

GG account application at that time a lot of webmaster friends to apply, I and a friend of mine have applied successfully. Did a literature station, Baidu to flow, good flow, CPC was the daily yield about 8-12 dollars, the price is much higher than it is now, sometimes a good price a few dollars, really memorable, ah, then GG not to prevent the introduction of hang up his GG advertising settings, then there are a lot of people who are afraid to publish their own website, I even met someone that you hang GG advertising code to their website, and then, threatening that! When GG mechanism is not like now so perfect, a lot of people are malicious clicks resulted in his GG the account is K, is really tears, fortunately I Amoy Knight fudamingda, none of my advertising, the oldest GGAD account until now still exists, the website about hanging for 10 days, the amount is $50 ( At that time, the lowest amount of PIN code), can apply for PIN, this is the first time to meet PIN, PIN sent letters from the United States, that is the first to Shanghai and then assigned to the country! There are Hongkong first argument. This PIN I waited 2 months to get their own hands! Depressed dead, probably because I it is a small town not come, my friends no more! Received half the time he received the PIN, finally contact GG by registered letter was sent to their county, he made a $more than and 800 account. Every day he had been inside the heart is hanging, K want to be dead, but finally received PIN or the safety of the money from the west out of the

!The first time

withdrawals, oh it is three days before the new year, because we do not withdraw the Western Union, I only have one point to us that the time to withdraw the city directly, and said, write the name backwards, the person does not give me money, when.

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