River of the road (three)

after the birth of a child, I was in the decoration of the company closed down, owed a lot of money, it is time for money, but they do not give up, anxious people ah. Rain holding the child with me to block the door of the company, in the company’s sofa sleep a night.

working for others is useless, I am determined to engage in their own light, in order to help me, the two month old An Qi sent to my home to her grandmother, she followed me to work, then live on the internet.

We have no computer

then go to Internet cafes to advertisers, desperately hair, hair swollen.

had something to do during the day, and it was difficult to get through the night. On the night of rain to the child, secretly crying, sometimes I woke up at midnight and you can hear the faint sobs, but I dare not answer, because I want to.

up to three months, both of us are not quite, saying, we take the kids with me, although hard, although the children suffer but do not have one family reunion, even chikangyancai is happy. After this decision, we rushed to Hebei overnight, can not fly to see our daughter.

at that time, before and after Qingming, the north side of the roadside just saw some of the green shoots of plants, the weather is very cool. The road in front of the soil saw my mom riding a tricycle around here, we saw both pleased and surprised. We hurried to find An Qi, mother opened the box with a tricycle blanket, An Qi a dirty face will leak out, just staring at us. The rain had lost patience to hold the Angela, quickly go in front, I knew she was crying, do not want to let us see.

we put Angela away my mother cried a nose, reluctant, but helpless, they can not come to Nanjing we have no way to settle in Hebei, had to endure the bitter separation.

angel is back, but the rain is going to help me, no way to Angela always carry around, had no choice but to put the rain in her father’s home. The rain mother working in the Pharmaceutical University, only the old father-in-law at a person contracting ponds with the countryside, angela. The wind is really severe, Angela’s two cheeks is full of frostbite, to relatives eat wine, one person said, who is this kid ah, how so ugly; angel will go after sitting on the bike behind the father-in-law, foot caught in the wheels, the wheels are biting off a chunk of; occasionally to stay in Nanjing, there is a just out of the pot noodles on the bench, she went to the steak, pot noodles all over her head, face hot bubble, but fortunately the neighbor gave little finless porpoise oil paint, fall scar.

in those days is really bitter, do not know the hometown people advised to leave me no rain, but behind the gossip that is a lot, even my mother-in-law, also once expressed with others look down on me, this is later someone told me. I asked the rain with me so regret, she said never regret, as long as I told her, is this worse than she is willing to follow me.

really into

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