Chalk line line for educational trainers and learners in the community

quite concerned about the chalk net finally on the line today. Said it was concerned, a large extent and behind the team, it is the former president of NetEase portal division Li Yong entrepreneurial projects.

is also a combination of the Internet and traditional industries, together with the project, the choice is the field of education and training, providing education and training and online communication platform for learners. On the first day of the line contains nearly 50 disciplines and nearly 400 certified teachers.

from the specific coverage of the field of view, which has the market of education and training courses, such as PubMed, the civil service exam, judicial examination, examination and so on, and to absorb the political Ren Rufen, including postgraduate masters.

in these areas, students have the willingness to communicate with the teacher, and the teacher also needs a better reputation among the students, as well as a variety of channels to promote their own fame, get a higher market value.

users (students) after registration, first choose their own areas of interest and teacher (the system automatically according to the recommended teachers), then you can enter the page, see have to pay attention to dynamic teachers, and expand exchanges with them. The home page structure is very similar to micro-blog.

In addition to the exchange of

, the site also has the "teacher hall" and "reference room", you can pay attention to the new teacher in the hall, in the library to find the information they want to download all kinds of information.

in this project, how to find more teachers, should be one of the challenges. Only a large number of teachers settled in order to quickly attract more users, which requires the line of education industry background and resources.

however, education and training institutions and teachers all over the country, the market share is very fragmented. Through the Internet to integrate these resources, do a platform based website, or a very good chance.

chalk net official website, will also launch iOS and Android client, which will allow teachers and students to communicate more timely.

education is a big market, whether it is a teacher, or students and parents have increasingly accepted online teaching and learning methods, therefore, education has become a hot segment of the Internet in recent years, the field of entrepreneurship. There are many inside this direction, such as in the field of education, to training, to have C2C knowledge sharing interest learning; on the object, with children, with adults; in the form, with the main line, cable and line combination etc..

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