4 steps to teach you to break the Taobao off February station also returns over one thousand yuan

for Taobao off 3 months of experience tell us novice also need not too much worry, so in February can have very good! I don’t write too much to write love directly to the steps I tell you is how to do.

1, Taobao customers from the background to choose their own products to promote.

reason: I choose is the scent of the flagship store, the reason is very simple: the commission rate reached 41%. The single Commission is very lucrative. And the shop owner offers extra rewards. Some people say why not choose to lose weight as the Commission is also high. I think a very messy market there is no need to go to your


2, set the site keywords

this is very simple to see Baidu input scent drop-down box to prompt what do what keywords, ha ha SEO optimization of what are the keywords to Baidu for tips. Here is a key is not to choose a lot of people in the competition of hot words, newcomers can choose the first page is not the main domain name in the


3, web production

home page: find someone else’s product list page to find the best DIV+CSS directly into their own source code of web content into their own products to add good promotion link. Here to echo my general attention and title keywords at the beginning with large fonts such as scent how content remember every few paragraphs again several times you can split into the scent of oil last page tail also put the title keywords bold with links to their pages. I do the best to achieve the best results.

pages: requirements are not too strict the number of pages can be more appropriate to make the search engine that we are not just a home page

4, registered domain name open space to open the page to open. Go to the website of network favorites to recommend: YAHOO QQ

OK here to a site on the basic end of my stand in a month after Baidu normal included, 10 days after the natural rankings to the first page, of course, this time I do not very hot keywords. There is also a certain contingency. The next month, I basically did not do anything to bring me more than and 500 of the proceeds. In fact, it is only a few 10 list. I made two other stations also brought about 400 of the proceeds. The above is my experience for reference only limited personal level also hope that the wise!


attached to my previous earnings:

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