Baidu alliance with GG Adsense simple contrast


alliance with Google Adsense is the most used, the earliest two website advertising, most personal websites are using these two alliances to engage in wangzhuan. Baidu and Google are large, standing, can give the webmaster (publisher) enough trust. So, what is the difference between the two? I do Wangzhuan more than 3 years, Baidu and Google Adsense have done, following on from my personal understanding of the situation to introduce the difference between the two.

1 Baidu website alliance is domestic, in order to pay the RMB; Google Adsense alliance is the United States, to pay in dollars, withdrawals can be taken to the dollar, you can exchange the RMB exchange rate for the day.

2 Baidu website alliance full 100 yuan can pay 15 per month payment; Google Adsense alliance began to pay a $100 monthly payment 25 days after the start. Therefore, Google Adsense settlement requirements (many small webmaster may not meet the settlement requirements for one year), the settlement rate is slow 10 Yu Tian.

3 Baidu alliance to withhold the individual income tax, the tax rate is more than 800 yuan according to the tax deduction of 20%, more than 4000 yuan will be higher; the Google Adsense Alliance on the outside of the United States publisher not deductible.

4 Baidu Union payment, bank card directly into the station, very convenient; Google Adsense is the quickest way to Western Union, webmaster by the remittance number and identity card to the bank, China Everbright Bank, the post office for the withdrawal procedures, a little trouble, at least to 10-20 minutes to run.

5 Baidu union advertising form somewhat monotonous, not only text ads, image ads, text ads and content, to some of the poor; Google Adsense advertising has a rich form of advertising, text, pictures, video, rich promotion, advertising, and the content is also very good.

6 Baidu union advertising (theme promotion business) can only put in the application domain, if I am sorry you have multiple domain names, words, only to be approved by the name of accounting fees, other domain display are invalid; Google Adsense ads can be placed in any domain, not need to go through the examination and approval.

7 Baidu union application difficulty: very difficult (before super hard, now relatively easy, but still very difficult); Google Adsense alliance application difficulty: difficult (formerly easily, but from the 08 year changed, but there are still many people can apply to).

8 blocked account contrast: Baidu union is crazy recently, Baidu post in N publisher in revenge, I do not know how it is, Baidu’s reputation has been poor, as for the reason, Baidu may only know for yourself. "

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