A Kuangzhuan GGAD webmaster experience

recently in GGAD, but the effect is not very ideal, summed up the experience of the site since the beginning, found that GGAD, the following estimates will be of great help to you.

1: we first analyze why people want to click on the ads on your site

we usually browse a web site, the general situation is not just click on the ad. Even the ads. Why don’t we order it, but sometimes we see some ads and we go to the point?. What is the reason that attracts us to click


is actually very short answer, because the advertising can meet our needs in some areas. If we choose the laptop in the Internet, suddenly found a "new low-cost notebook" we even know why is advertising, but we will click? Because the advertising on our appetite.

two: how can we get our website to show the quality of the ad?

only one answer: it is to do their own site, content specific, avoid a website all the contents of all done, this is impossible! It will be your GGAD, it is low-cost advertising. So to improve the quality of GGAD advertising, the way is to do a good job site content".

three: how to make our website display high priced ads?

this is an issue that in the online search a lot, but what is the high price keyword ranking. This is the accuracy and reliability of the GGAD we do not discuss, we first discussed, how to improve the unit price of the site after registration.

What are the factors that affect the unit price of


A:GGAD shows the contents of the following text is about what? GGAD content is very important in the following areas. So this area is what we are going to plough the place, we can study this problem under the www.it086.net. of the site is relatively reasonable placed hungry GGAD.

B: visitors click on the ad, stay time, if the visitors immediately after clicking on the GGAD will be closed, so you will find a period of time you will be low GGAD price. Lower and lower. In fact, this illustrates a problem what? GG will think your website content and advertising, is not appropriate, will you continue to match the other, again, finally your website can only match those super advertising garbage


is a little bit of my experience. I hope to bring a little bit of help to.

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