Taobao guest Wangzhuan is how to realize the month earns thousands of yuan

Taobao has created one miracle after another, so more and more people join the queue of Taobao. Due to the relatively low entrance Taobao customers, so people have always believed that Taobao is a relatively simple to make money in the project, always looking forward to be able to earn the first money. But sometimes, it’s really hard to make money, so is Taobao.

has been a friend hope I can introduce some experience today and then the station platform, write down the experience, of course, if writing is not good, forgive me for.

1: Taobao is not so simple surface

a lot of friends to join Taobao mostly listen to online publicity, a lot of people who operate the Taobao people, earn thousands of dollars a month, million, etc.. In addition to join the threshold is relatively low, so it is relatively easy to make money to Taobao customers, relatively simple. In fact, Taobao is not so simple surface. Taobao customers just joined the threshold is relatively low, but not many people can really make money, in order to make money, it is necessary to adhere to the operation, hard work. The most important thing is to be flexible and have some skills. Remember just joined Taobao guest, is also very hard, every day to keep the post, send posts to do publicity, but the effect is very poor, but a month to earn 10 yuan, very hit. So Taobao money off, not reckless, and at the same time to certain skills.

two: choose the right way to promote

a lot of friends at the beginning of the forum is meaningless to post, send the kind of pure advertising form posts. This is certainly not possible, because this post will soon be deleted management, even if it can not be deleted, members will not have the patience to see this post. In addition, some friends to QQ group mass advertising, this publicity page is temporary, no effect. I recommend that everyone through the SEO way of publicity, this effect is a long-term effective, the effect is relatively true. Also can go to the forum post, but not the kind of failure of the post, but weak advertising. Release the kind of reading posts, such posts will not be deleted, but with a certain degree of technology, others will even turn your posts, to help you propaganda.

three: do Taobao guest, the first to adhere to, the second skills


off your stick, even if you have good skills, but if you can not insist, any skills are meaningless. I remember just beginning to engage in truth, often at a loss, each approach is used for a period of time, then immediately in second ways, so repeatedly, often does not have any meaning. Each method, each skill, must adhere to a period of time, will have effect. Taobao customers make money is also the case, but also need to continue to adhere to and efforts., remember my station, web site to make money.

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