Wangzhuan Post Bar no out of the project not only out of mind

many friends will consult their online or project developers in the choice of Wangzhuan project are: this project can do? But the answer is: a lot of this project can always do so, this project can be used as the occupation to do so. In fact, you don’t have to ask such a question, I ask you: what do you think of a person in the market to sell the business or personal good egg in the market to sell one thousand egg business? When any project is just out of a person with the Internet market, when the development is behind hundreds of thousands of millions of people have this market; at that time will not go. Recall from understand the chat room to hang up, Asian friends alliance, to download the Firefox browser, which is a project of long? Countless cases tell us: Wangzhuan have timeliness, a market, is the project lost days.


and Wangzhuan is durable, not long, but higher mind; as a make people, you can not understand, but you must have a quick mind, to learn to work, learn to look for gaps in the market, another way to learn. Only in this way can you keep your income. For example, before a friend used to do Witkey sub pay, is the actual nature of the rebate, because of Witkey flow is very high, this method makes the friend earn pours; then a lot of people to learn to imitate, but the effect is getting worse. Is actually very simple, others can do Witkey sub pay, why can’t I use Taobao off Witkey do? First apply for Taobao customers, and then promote the products on their own to write a good article, a task for 1 thousand quality blog put a Taobao customer shopping guide article, put 1 dollars for 1 months; there will be a lot of people to sign up, even if only a day to every blog 5 blog traffic, 1000 day is 5000 flow, the 30 day you get this Article 150 thousand of the traffic, but does not make you back the 1 thousand pieces of


Wangzhuan very much, we don’t put their thinking fixed dead, we should remember: there is no out of the project, not only out of mind. If you have any good ideas, welcome to with me.

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