Reading Google Adsense webmaster Wangzhuan five rules

Google AdSense believe that we are very familiar with, really want to make money by doing Google AdSense dollars, we must fully understand the Google AdSense. Now I understand the Google AdSense say it, and we discuss together, there is not a good place, but also please correct me.

want to do better Google AdSense, you need to pay attention to the following points:

first, do Google AdSense is sure to earn dollars. (this is to join the new Google AdSense Adsense said)

some stationmaster heard people say Google AdSense is how to make money, why not, immediately joined the Google AdSense alliance, but look at the daily income statistics, then slowly lost confidence, the feeling of not doing this to make money, just leave it, even the code to completely remove this. Google and AdSense say goodbye.

So little

there is also a case of watching the daily income, then myself to the idea of cheating, the income immediately has been significantly improved, when one day the ad code is not displayed, check your e-mail notification email Google AdSense closure account, so in the online Google AdSense shouted is a lie the knife is fifty when do your letter no….

now please enter the new owners to come back to me to say this sentence: do Google AdSense is sure to earn dollars.

second, do Google AdSense is the need to adhere to.

some love for instant success, a day hundreds of IP station also thinking about how to make the number of dollars a day, it is not realistic. As Google AdSense did not intend to so high income, began to shake, want to choose to give up. For this station, I want to tell you is, please do not too much care about Google AdSense’s revenue, think ideas improve your visitors, think through the web site to make money, do any one union, improve the flow is king. Google AdSense relative to other domestic Union, with absolute advantage, as long as you can stick to it, there will be a miracle.

some webmasters may ask, I have good days IP, but also sanwuqian, why income is so small? Under normal conditions, IP in sanwuqian station, with the new Google AdSense to do, the daily income in general more than ten knives, this is Google AdSense’s charm is other domestic league and not. Why do you have so little income?

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