t is said that Microsoft will launch a new search advertising model

Beijing time on May 21st, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft will be launched tomorrow at the Advance08 conference in Bellevue, Washington, launched a new search advertising model. The core of this new model will include 18 new vertical search services, users will be given a certain amount of cash through the purchase behavior generated by these services.

According to

reports, there have been a large number of e-commerce sites involved in the project called "Live Search Cashback" project. The project was developed by Microsoft Jellyfish, which was acquired in 07. Jellyfish’s official website said that the project has not yet formally launched, is being carried out before the upgrade test line.

obviously, Microsoft search this strategy is for search giant Google. In fact, in a large number of search requests, only a small part of the commercial value is very high, such as the user’s search for books, mobile phones and other products.

and Microsoft’s new search advertising model is the user through the search and complete the transaction, only to advertisers to collect fees, and to provide users with a certain amount of cash. This avoids the problem of click fraud, making advertising charges more reasonable. Microsoft hopes to attract more advertisers through this incentive policy, but also hope that more users to use this service.

news that tomorrow Microsoft platform and service sector President Kevin · (Kevin Johnson) will launch the new service at the Advance08 conference.

analysts said that Microsoft’s new move in the search engine business is also in line with the recent changes in the acquisition of YAHOO policy. Microsoft actively on the one hand, the acquisition of YAHOO search, on the one hand, also hope that through their own efforts to improve their own traffic in order to bring greater benefits to advertisers.

and Microsoft may indeed get the favor of advertisers through the new strategy, after all the current search advertising market has become a dominant Google situation, and difficult to overcome Google ad click fraud, a new mode in addition to ordinary users can also benefit from Microsoft will bring a very high popularity, so the new Microsoft will become very attractive to advertisers and users. Http://s.whxtpc.cn

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