A brief talk on the way out and profit way of literature station

    literature into the network is gradually deviated from the track, the impact of the network under the definition of literature has deviated from the original track, increasingly blurred

  a thing into a new environment, sometimes have to cater to the need to make only superficial changes in the new environment of the market, so the famous literary station is only a short while ago under the impact of the market gradually lost the original appearance and spiritual beliefs.

    pure literature already in the network to open the market. This is decided by market factors. Take one simple poem, had been in bounds to spread the word: " poetry reading poetry is more than "! Of course, pure literature does not necessarily limit in the form of poetry, but other forms or not to go. So I do deny the pure literature stand out.

    but if there is a literature class station? The answer is yes.

    from the station network (admin5.com) to see the ranking of a website statistics, one part is the forefront of all literature station, it can be seen that the literature has a huge space for development flow, however, the earliest in the network is also the most famous literary Station under the banyan,. This is not the scope of statistics, why? We can open the station again compared with other literature station, the reason will be clear at a glance, that is under the banyan tree is the flagship of pure literature, and the main station is rogue literature, this market is the mainstream of today’s network, you do not rub the edge of entertainment your entertainment is not up, you’re not involved in literature XX, you are hard to let the audience patiently to see, so, want to do stand friends should consider literature how to position their station.

    network literature in the first two years of speculation is very fire, also suddenly let some of the literature stand fire up, flow huge increase, but how to use these flows?

    first of all, if you are the fire, the fire is what fancy, spend some money from your hand away, this should be your best results, second is the tepid, attractive things do not attract too VIP, things do the little league can feed their families, the rest are not even those warm warm, I rely on him to eat, have to keep the teeth on a leash.

    then the literature station how to manage? First you have to have your own stuff, try to catch those who can make what can make the Internet writer get a few eyeballs on your site in the hair, so you will have different competitive capital. Don’t you go to the other rogue literature station pick something to himself on the whole person (apart from copyright issues first), while pushing, so you stand on some flow slowly, the best will inspire you to stand on the members try to write some of their own things in the process of pushing the whole this is the atmosphere. "

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