To do some of the requirements of Taobao customers

today, Taobao guest site is not a simple website so simple thing, but a carrier, a platform, similar to the store a facade. As a business, all rely on the webmaster painstakingly. Here I would like to say that I hope to help you.

a facade

said here is the facade of the webmaster website. Of course, this includes blog, personal home page, forums, etc. all can let you promote the product platform. The most important thing is the face of the facade. All of them have to make the customers feel comfortable and feel very professional. If the user to open the site to see is no layout, isolated zero pages with no decorative effect, at least under the customer Ken "buy now" icon? So it must be nice. If you can not do the pictures, you can find the mother of Ali billboard or the like. Typesetting can learn from other people’s Web site, try to be simple and generous at the same time, the information should be enough to attract customers.

if it is a forum, do not let people feel that you are advertising. I have seen people to help others find the right product at the Taobao on the Internet, finally added to their PID, to the last guests happy, you also have a commission, this win-win strategy is really worth learning.


is BLOG, you must first use of propaganda, friends will be your site outside the chain of resources, increases appeared in the search engine, so we have more opportunities to enter your site on


two propaganda

this is needless to say, the method of publicity is varied. But generally divided into two kinds, one kind of pure advertisement, one kind of implicit advertisement.

so-called pure advertising, that is, in the search engine, ah, a large web site advertising ah, the benefits of doing so is that we can quickly establish the presence of our store in the Internet and visibility. But the disadvantage is that the price is high, not recommended in the early use.

so-called hidden advertising, that is, in the forum, ah, someone else’s help, ah, ah, and other places where the use of other people to help their own advertising. For example, someone post to find some of the items on Taobao, you can help find, find satisfactory lag, and then to promote their own facade. So customers will be happy to accept. Although this is very tired, but the effect is good, because people are the best advertising, is not it?

three maintenance

a lot of people have made a mistake, that is the portal frame up behind, just then still waiting for the publicity. Of course, the result is certainly not ideal. Imagine if you are a guest, every time you go to a web site are the same, you will be on the credibility of the site to doubt it?. So be sure to regularly update your portal, such as the replacement of some pictures, ah, recommended goods to be replaced ah. So let guest

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