Shop sales how to use the conversation to eliminate customer objections and doubts

objection is the idea that a prospective customer does not understand, disagree or disagree with the salesman. If a prospective customer disagrees and breaks the salesman’s words, or delays on a particular issue, a blow to the salesman is a must.

salesman must accept the objection, and not only to accept, but also welcome. Because dissent is not necessarily a bad thing for a salesman, but a beacon of light for you to continue your efforts.

1 approach to dissent.

objection can not be restricted or blocked, but can only be managed to control, and in dealing with objections to pay attention to the following points:

(1) mood relaxed, not nervous.

salesman to recognize the objection is inevitable, can not have abnormal psychology in reverse, hear the objections raised by customers, should remain calm and immovable anger, nor hostile behavior, and must continue to smile, and to understand the objections or contents and key points, generally use the following statement as the opening: "I am very pleased with your comment"; "what is your opinion very reasonable"; "you are very observant.".

of course, if you are going to be able to cope with the challenge, you must have a deep understanding of the goods, company policies, markets and competitors.

(2) listen carefully, sincerely welcome.

heard the salesman customer objections, should be said to the customer sincerely welcome advice, and listen attentively, do not interfere with.

in addition, the salesman must recognize the customer’s opinion, in order to show respect for them, then, when you put forward the opposite opinion, prospective customers naturally more easily accept your proposal.

(3) restatement problem to demonstrate understanding.


salesman restated his objections to prospective customers, saying that he had known. If necessary, it is necessary to ask the prospective customer, whether it is correct or not, and choose some parts of the opposing opinions to be in good agreement.

(4) careful answer, keep friendly.

salesman must be careful to answer the objection raised by the customer. Generally speaking, should be calm, honest and straightforward manner, the relevant facts, data, information, or to determine that the prospective customer orally or in writing. The wording shall be appropriate, be gentle tone, and negotiations in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, in order to solve the problem. If you can not answer, you can only admit that you can not mess.

(5) respect for customers, tact to deal with.

salesman remember not to ignore or belittle the objections of prospective customers, in order to avoid the dissatisfaction or suspicion of prospective customers, so that negotiations can not continue.

salesman can not be naked directly contradict the prospective customer if rudely opposing their views, even the benighted, and you must.

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