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is named after the legendary 85 year old Zhu Shijian’s "inspirational orange", in the major media attention, in a nationwide hit.

Author: titanium media

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they are led by Yu Huafeng, a Southern Department news entrepreneur, first fried hot is Chu orange, and therefore in the electric business rage. To carry out their business as the media editorial department, said the regional buyers purchasing for the "press", a unique product buyers to collect around the report to the operation, the latter for editing". Each week, the product will be called the topic, everyone wants to do a "cover" or "close-up"".

in November this year, titanium media editorial department has just set up soon, received a special gift box, two Chu orange, we eat with relish, this precious gift from a media friend, then Chu orange also did not detonate, but life would have a record industry in the first half of the electricity supplier companies began to enter our field of vision, they know from the south line group of old news in which the original building, the Southern Metropolis Daily, Beijing General Manager Yu Huafeng is the core, have a heart to do logistics and warehousing of old vehicles, walking is out of another supplier road. It might sound weird, but that’s it.

finally, named after the legendary 85 year old Zhu Shijian’s "inspirational orange", in the major media attention, in a nationwide hit, a variety of stock, out of stock makes this round of stir fried hot effect, at the end of December will have to temporarily paragraph. But the titanium media is more interested in the effect of the behind the scenes push, the original life of the news website editorial alternative play.

from Bloomberg business week Chinese version of the latest feature, interesting to show that the left hand do express, right hand to do electricity supplier, the entrepreneurial team news editorial complex. Titanium media editorial excerpt and recommend as follows:

morning, netizens also immersed in the Taobao 19 billion 100 million yuan madness, also visit the "big eighteen" information, QQ pop suddenly pop up "inspirational orange" message. The original site of the flow of instant surge in life, the technology sector temporarily increased by 20 megabytes bandwidth. Hu Haiqing to the company, was asked: "what do you Hu?" the customer service is overwhelming, every customer service to answer the more than and 300 phone. Seven or eight in the evening, they prepared a meeting to talk about the third car Chu orange, orders soared more than and 200.

so far, the third stage of selling "Chu orange effect to Hu Haiqing said Zhu Shijian in Beijing, pour orange orange" has two meanings, one is the orange sales have been a breakthrough, two is more and more social elites are impressed by the spirit of the old chu".

detonated story is only a means, important result is the brutal survival game fun electricity providers.


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