Mobile nternet era of entrepreneurship, you fit it


have not tried the business people, often talked about entrepreneurship with excitement and fear – "start certainly very enjoyable, don’t look at the other people.

for aspiring entrepreneurs who heart the font is inevitable, usually, people always hesitate on a problem — his fitness is not suited to the business, you can learn from others and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, but to fit the problem, entrepreneurs had better ask yourself.

business in the end is what kind of state? Of course people tried to experience personal sorrow and joy is like a sumptuous lunch, very delicious, you only eat only know. In particular, the advent of the current wave of mobile Internet, to provide a new opportunity for young entrepreneurs, after 80 entrepreneurs mentor Dongsheng to share with you some of the feelings about entrepreneurship.

1, entrepreneurship is an adventure, but it is the most secure

Once the

starts a business, they lose a solid source of income and face the unpredictable market risk alone. Moreover, in the early stages of entrepreneurship, whether it is from the capital, manpower, material resources, are in a very unstable state. Just like Dongsheng just started when there are only three people, for the company’s future, as the founder of an Dongsheng is also unpredictable, but he firmly believes that as long as we go forward, the road will certainly be. Entrepreneurship is a high-risk activity. However, once the success of the proceeds will be thousands of times, tens of thousands of times, such as now China’s richest man Ma, Ma and their team in 1999, when entrepreneurs, certainly did not imagine today’s results,

venture on the surface point of view, but the ability to start the process of accumulation, experience and market sense can benefit people for life, a person who had created the industry to return to work if the position can also do a good job. It seems that entrepreneurship is the safest. Because after a brutal market environment test, the general risk has be nothing difficult.

2, entrepreneurs need to plan, but not confined to plan

Why did

start? What? What? In the business before the start of generally have a general plan, if prior to the mode, customer and market, profits have roughly delineated a range of course is the best. But since entrepreneurship is to start a new career, will not be able to follow the prescribed order, because the environment is constantly changing, we plan to change.

business is the most taboo to set an ideal target, then regardless of the reality in the implementation process, blindly towards this goal is not flexible, and even can not guarantee deposit, and finally to complain.

entrepreneurs have three words of advice: to do, to do it, we must stick to it, there is one of the most important is to ensure that he is still alive. Generally entrepreneurs are idealists, but the gap between the ideal and reality, even if there is no good ideas, careful thinking, can not be planning for the entire business process, so can actively respond to the changes and challenges are necessary for entrepreneurs.

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