App Store developer groups Dream plump skinny reality

play the bird, cut the fruit or cut the rope?…… Even the toilet is fine, at a glance, are holding a mobile phone, holding iPad happy playing you and me. What is in the making of these tricks of the software, the hottest in the moment of the apple App Store, you are such a group of people happy to create wealth, they called "developers".

they do not age, there are 70 big brother, there are 90 guy, but there are often beyond the age of maturity model; they scattered in every corner of the city, perhaps in the house next to you, love wearing jeans and a T-shirt; they are IT origin, some addicted to write code, program on the Internet, some for many years; their team little, classmates, colleagues and friends in knots; most of them do not have the background, in rural areas, some from overseas, lack of management and marketing experience, but often rush in the first line, talk about cooperation and investment…… In fact, their different styles, different situation, but they all have one thing in common, they have a dream, a dream of the wealth of the apple Empire gallop. Joe help the Lord is their common belief in God, they hold the latest iPhone, bag and a iPad, ready to show their results……

four years ago, apple App Store created this group, but also changed the fate of many people. Although there are Android, Microsoft, operators of various signs of the platform to attract developers, App Store is the most frequented place. Only four years short time, developers have been ups and downs, some success, some very careful, let go of some careers, some still stick to.

in China, a foot into the developer team how many people? There are claims to be 1 million, of which in Android, apple in the 20%. The speed of this astonishing population growth, the influx of entrepreneurs in an unbroken line wave endless wave, even the dream is full, the reality is very skinny. In 2009, apple programmer flourishes legend, now seems so far, for most developers, like the road of wealth thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers in the fight, but zhichitianya.

here, we selected several business samples, see those developers behind the scenes of the thing, a corner kick unknown mobile phone software development arena of the iceberg.

entrepreneurial things happen

flat-share room 80 Zhuimeng in

"is a real waste of money to buy a house."

hair, thick glasses and a T-shirt, which is a grassroots entrepreneurs, in his more than a dozen square meters of flat-share room, long out of the most simple dream, but he knew the dream is far away, I just want to do, don’t talk about money.

Road station is a mobile phone based on the location of the user to provide information on the mobile phone applications, and was born in 1983, Li Jiangang is the lead this

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