Analysis of self ability test in early stage of entrepreneurship

self test in the early stage of entrepreneurship

working for a period of time to accumulate a certain amount of experience, the hearts will precipitate a desire to start their own business. The word for our group of 80, is how exciting exciting goal. Yes, this is a process that must go through the process of success, then in this rapidly changing society, there is no adequate preparation and excellent resilience, it is difficult to manage their own business in turmoil.

detailed planning business plan

when the heart of a repeated brewing business objectives, not only has the moments in life to observe, also unavoidably to try to figure out the details everywhere. The proposal has to give you a detailed list of the business plan, it allows you to see the whole plan, the implementation of the lack of preparation. If you find the table, because one of the various factors leading to their not go into action, we need to constantly improve and follow up, immediately do

reserves, no danger of anything going wrong!

implementation process

When the

project plan laid down the core thinking, is to realize the process of practice, then we may fall into this process as the author himself now inextricably bogged down in, in the operation of SEO project Wangzhuan also confused lost. May also be the lack of confidence, met with a big bumpy to stop, the plan to the yellow flower! This process I have deep feelings, there are a few suggestions to share with you to share:

one: keep the time of self observation, to simplify everything, for the purpose of the entrepreneurial process. The problem will continue to appear! Then have to clear your mind and ask whether the process of drafting and the same goal? The fundamental problem and the ultimate goal is consistent? Whether it is the best way? Mind your answers will be very much, we want to extract the best time in comparison.

two: a big goal is to form many small targets, basic conditions for the completion of the ultimate goal is to complete the attachment in the small target can trigger! But, in the implementation process, the difficulty of small target and obstacles and the various factors of instability, we will be dead, ha ha. We will even put down, escape and bypass it, but also to find a shortcut to avoid the illusion. Through observation, it is found that these hinder the key goal! So, to watch in front of the small target, the problem is solved again refinement, where obstacles there! Stick + break! The perseverance of the perfect interpretation of his


three: you have many methods and shortcuts, but for you the way there is a big difference. So the method itself is not important, in order to achieve the goal of the method is extremely important! We can teach entrepreneurship predecessors, through comprehensive comparison, the other way into the practice of their own process of


four: the clarity of thinking gives us a lot of confidence and energy, which is a big summary! If you want the project needs 100 thousand, 500 thousand >

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