T Entrepreneurship Program for College Students

First, identify the target

    IT of the Internet, it is easy to lose yourself, I heard the teacher Yu Shiwei from such a figure of "construction of Zhongguancun China is a failure, Zhongguancun is a village, because the IT company smallholder consciousness is too strong: see someone selling computer, we have to sell the computer; see other people doing communications equipment, communications equipment, we are doing" we IT Internet wide circle is also a village? See the portal is successful, millions of people want to do music website portal; see success, many music websites emerge; see HAO123 successful, many "HAO123" followed up; now the network game is the fire, the company produced a large area of domestic network game. Of course, what I said is a big environment, not to mention personal, big companies are not good grasp of the direction. For the individual or team of college students, should do what, what to do, what to do for you. Several years ago I failed, I saw Heilongjiang several college students founded a campus electronic commerce website, LAN, do lunch business, be full of sound and colour. I think I will not be in terms of technical aspects of their worse than where to go, so I and my classmates, together with the campus e-commerce network – Baja, the situation? The first year can be, but it is really hard, because from the purchase order to order, all the work is done in their own, and many transactions are carried out under the net, the profits of goods is not very high. Later, the problem is more serious, the time has not allowed me to operate, many foreign orders can not be sent in time. Finally, I summarized, especially e-commerce C2C electronic commerce or the avant-garde play, where in my university area has not reached that level, a school, few people are willing to buy things online, few people will use the network to service life. This is the confusion of e-commerce, but also the Internet’s confusion, but also the quality of Chinese Internet users, network education confusion. College students to do things the most easy to idealize, so of course, do a lot of things, college students venture is also due to the probability of failure.

    IT; industry there are many uncertain factors, success does need a bit of luck, hard to persist, can often succeed. In fact, Baidu just established has not been seen, we think this thing is a replica of Google, a lot of people who engage in technology are love with Google, but most of Chinese or Baidu. Baidu is successful, because now Baidu’s market capitalization has more than three portals. In addition, I also engaged in electronic commerce, electronic commerce has been very appreciate cloud, Zhu Zigang founded the cloud only invested more than 100 thousand, but in 2004, yunwang occupied the domestic online trading 1/4 shares, the transaction amount more than 200 million yuan. The story of a cloud can make us understand and adhere to the principle of success and pay. 1999 –

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