Do not want to do these three do not start!

02 years net, 03 years in the first 04 years of my QQ, mixed math teacher out of the BBS, 05 years of playing Post Bar started their own 06 years, since the beginning of the forum, my webmaster no return. After selling space to learn hackers, like editors, artists, SEO, customer service, almost all of the network companies have done some jobs. When 09 years of their own business, joked the cashier and security is also a person I. Write this, a look back suddenly feel so abuses, but in fact I was a grass root.


09 years of business failure, I went to work in a factory in charge of network marketing, know the original Wangzhuan can call the electronic commerce. Because the purchase server relationship with the technology market a hardware friend talked to bargain, I told him I was in the technology market experience, he later in the QQ message to me: dude, how do you realize from the IT to the white-collar workers to see this gorgeous turn? The problem, I have to laugh it off. Three years later, I came to Qingdao, with friends to set up a network company, the main business is to give customers a station, promotion, in addition to our own operating a B2B platform. Last year, we made a total of more than and 900 customers, so that the turnover of about 10000000, the number of companies floating around 200 people.

now the food and clothing problem has been resolved, every day is to check the "homework", morale and the like. Recall that the problem of that friend, and now feel a few words it is necessary to talk about.

first: positioning

positioning is the mission, the beginning of any project to be faced with the positioning of the beginning. For the webmaster, you first find out you are going to be a platform or resource station. Before I started the business done several portals, mainly is the collection of information, SEO, advertising alliance, performance is also good, then quit business, a hot head thinking: do a platform, allowing users to automatically create information, you can sleep to make money, but after the forum made out there no users, maintenance workload is relatively large, but I myself from first to last outbreak of the "AIDS girl Yan Dudley" related information with thousands of dollars in advertising, in no other income.

that a few years discuz very fire, many webmaster want to do platform is vertical or geographical, almost no one is willing to do blog. But some people have started blogging since then, like pine, isn’t it


want to know what type of station they want to do, mainly to analyze what type of. If you can flicker, in particular, engage in activities, you can do the platform. If there are special literary Evans such as diabetes insipidus type, you can write a blog, but no matter what, to make long-term preparation, otherwise don’t start as early as possible, why do you want to.

second: force grid

site with a positioning, after a series of preparations can be on-line >

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