Traffic is the ultimate pursuit of online business

whether it is a business website or shop, only traffic up, in order to have benefits, there is no traffic site or shop, even if your product is good, it is just a display, will not produce benefits. We were to shop, if every flow shop only 20 IP or less, and that this shop is basically no hope, most occasionally blind cat encountered dead rat, several guests were accidentally. Therefore, the operation of the shop must be to improve store traffic as the first goal, as long as there is traffic, what can be said.

talk about traffic, so naturally will ask how to know how much traffic is my shop, here to introduce a shop in the traffic statistics function.

first opened this site, you need to register an account on the website, the relevant information when registering to fill in the shop, (Note: suggest you see the registration bar above "Taobao stores use statistics tutorial (Flash animation)"), after landing related settings to get traffic statistics after the code. Shop landing own editing and product classification — add pictures – the traffic statistics classification code replication in your store.

is now in the store can see the flow of their own shop, pay attention to if your traffic is less than 100 IP per day, it proves that you need to go to the shop to do the appropriate promotional. Here to introduce to you a few tips on promotion, I hope to help you.

: a shopping community, forum, post replies. Here refers to the community, the forum is not referring to the Taobao community, because in the Taobao community posted ads may be fined and the deduction of silver coins. It is recommended that you go to some traffic can also discussion forums, when the post should pay attention to methods, can let a person see your hair is advertising stickers, posting in these places, the post title and content you need to carefully design (for example, you can find some personality products out so, community forums, people give you value it, remember the picture with a Taobao LOGO shop, anyway, oh) to make the forum administrator will not delete your posts after reading. In addition to these places when registered, you can put a little effort on the user name, for example, you can use the Chinese creative home products to do your user name.

                two: flexible use of the forum signature. When you reach a certain level in the forum, can set character signature, this time, you can put the product into your signature picture, and then went to the forum of multiple posts, many people back to the post, the back of your post and post content will display the character signature, as long as see who can see your product pictures.

three: QQ space: product character signature and made the QQ space GIF animation.

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